Hoodithin Review: Read BEFORE You Buy

by admin on July 9, 2008

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If you’re like me you’ve struggled with your weight for awhile now… You’ve lost some, gained some and ended up not ever getting the results you really want. Sometimes diet and exercise just don’t quite get you over the line and you need an extra turbo push with a little magic something on the side. Hoodia might just be that thing.

I’ve been watching a ton of TV shows recently that have been confirming the effectiveness of Hoodia as a weight loss supplement component. ABC News, CBS 60 Minutes and the NBC Today Show (among others) have featured Hoodia as having revolutionary appetite suppressing functions. Scientists have found that that Hoodia – the cactus-like plant found in a small region of South Africa - with little to no side effects usually synonymous in diet pills.

What Can Hoodia Do For You?

Hoodithin Appetite SuppressantHoodia works by effectively tricking the brain into thinking you are full. Broken down in lamens terms, the chemical components in Hoodia send signals to your brain hinting that enough food has been consumed thus suppressing your appetite.

When it comes to Hoodia products, you have to be extremely careful about which one to choose.  The Hoodia Gordonii plant is an endangered species and the quantities of authentic Hoodia in a lot of common supplements around the interwebs now are extremely low. One product I’ve found to be particularly interesting is called Hoodithin – said to be one of the most potent, 100% certified Hoodia products around.

Hoodithin: Liquid vs Diet Pill

Most Hoodia supplements are integrated into diet pill form containing other fillers that slow down absorption – which is especially problematic for people with digestion/metabolism issues. Hoodithin is Hoodia in liquid form, easy to digest and fast to kick into action. You want that Hoodia absorbed into your body lightening fast so that your appetite is suppressed quicksmart and your weight loss results are following directly behind.

The Hoodithin team percolate this liquid extract for days at a time in cool temperatures to intensify the potency of the product so that the digestive system can quickly absorb it. They pre-extract the best parts of the Hoodia plant to ensure the customer gets fast results with minimal effort – amen, to that!

Check out the comparisons between pill and liquid below:

Hoodia Liquid vs Pill

Hoodia Authenticity: Is Hoodithin The Real Deal?

A lot of warnings have been made in the past few months about the dangers of fake Hoodia products hitting the market. As with any popular product these days, you build a fan-base and inferior copies are not far behind. One of the main tips I received from health professionals warning consumers about such fakes was to look for a CITES endorsement from the USA Department of Agriculture confirming the product contains legitimate (and therefore, effective) Hoodia.

Hoodithin does indeed have the full CITES certificate, signed and dated, on their website. Step one: check. They also have had an independent test done by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals to verify if it is actually authentic Hoodia. Hoodithin also passed this test, confirming that microscopic and chemical analysis proved the Hoodia ingredient.

Hoodithin: The FAQs

HoodithinWhat is the right Hoodithin dosage?

You use one full dropper (approx 30 to 40 drops) once per day before lunch or dinner for a conservative weight loss. For a more accelerated weight loss plan, you can use one full dropper twice per day before lunch and dinner.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The results of Hoodithin will vary but you should start to see some weight loss results within 2 weeks. Obviously, if you can get a few workouts (and a few salads in) then you’ll see the results speed up.

Is Hoodithin Safe?

The Hoodia ingredient is a 100% natural, herbal dietary supplement that has no known adverse side effects. There is also NO caffeine and NO ephedra.

Is There a Refund Guarantee?

The Hoodithin team are so confident that you’ll love it that they offer an unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Hoodithin: The Verdict

If you want an extra helping hand when it comes to your weight loss, you can’t really go wrong with Hoodithin. It is 100% natural, won’t give you nightmare side effects and you’ll see results within a few weeks. The way I see it is if there is anything that can keep my mind of food when I’m dieting, I’m in. Hoodithin can take care of your cravings so you can focus on getting moving – or window shopping for your new size-down clothes.

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